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Featured post.

What is Labs?

An intro to Labs

Acknowledgement Labs is a new area of our website that has a focus on making and doing.

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Tom Jordan
0 Posted 13th January 2012 by Tom Jordan

Recent posts.

Backbone.js Logo

Javascript MVC with Backbone.js

A number of MVC style Javascript frameworks have appeared recently. Here we take a quick look at the popular Backbone.js framework.

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Jason Carpenter
2 Posted 27th January 2012 by Jason Carpenter
Paper.js example

HTML5 Canvas Libraries

Jason looks at a few of the libraries that have appeared recently to assist development of HTML5 Canvas apps.

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Jason Carpenter
4 Posted 31st October 2011 by Jason Carpenter
Warface Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design for Web and Mobile Using Media Queries

Media queries mean that your website can look beautiful on any sized screen or device

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Amie Kabia
2 Posted 20th October 2011 by Amie Kabia
Google Dart Logo

Google Dart

Google unveils a new web programming language as a possible replacement to Javascript.

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Jason Carpenter
0 Posted 20th October 2011 by Jason Carpenter

Facebook Change Photo Tagging Permissions in the Graph API

Facebook announced some time ago that they were adding support for tagging photos using their Graph API, but it seems as though they've moved the goal posts since...

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Tom Blakemore
0 Posted 11th August 2011 by Tom Blakemore

Labs are the views and thoughts of staff at Acknowledgement focused around making and doing digital things!

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