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Facebook Launch App Center

10 May 2012COMMENTS

Facebook have launched their very own app store called 'App Center'. Fear not, Facebook are not trying to directly compete with the iOS app store or Google Play. The App Center is part of the official Facebook application and will send mobile users directly to their respective store fronts to download the apps.

The Facebook App Center can be viewed on web and mobile browsers, including iOS and Android Facebook apps. If you want to list a mobile app in the Facebook App Center your mobile app must use Facebook Connect.

Each app needs an app detail page to be featured in the Facebook App Center. You can upload images, provide full application details, and configure the permissions your app requires. Facebook recommends reading the guidelines to make sure your app detail page is not removed. According to Facebook...

App detail pages that are eligible for the App Center will be reviewed prior to being listed and priority will be given to those apps that submit before May 18.”

So how has Twitter reacted to the launch?

App Ratings

Your apps success in the App Center depends on the quality of your app. An app ratings metric will be added to Insights and will be based on user ratings and engagement. Poorly rated apps will be removed from the App Center. This App Center is about quality over quantity.

Paid Apps

There will be a simple-to-implement payment feature that lets people pay a flat fee to use an app on This is currently in beta and users are recommended to sign up to receive more information if they are interested.


Developers can find out more on the 'App Center Tutorial' on the Facebook Developer site.

What do you think of Facebook's venture into an app store? Is this a good move for them and for the users?

If you would like to know more about how the Facebook App Center will affect your business feel free to contact us at Acknowledgement!


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