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11 April 2012COMMENTS

It has been a big week for Instagram. Firstly, the hugely popular photo sharing iPhone app made its debut on Android, racking up over 1m downloads in its first 24 hours. Following on from this, Facebook has acquired the 13-man company for a whopping $1b!

Immediately, many users voiced concern following Facebook's acquisition, fearing that the simple photo-sharing community is now on the verge of compromising quality for commercial gain as well as concerns around privacy. It will be interesting to see if these fears manifest.

For those of you that are put off by Facebook's $$$$ there are some alternatives that are worth trying.

Pinweel is an app that focusses on photo sharing. Simply create an album, invite your friends to join the album and everyone's photos are shared together.


Cinemagram is a simple app that brings images to life. The app itself lets you take Instagram-esque photos but with a twist. You can select a part of the shot to be animated.


Lightbox is a free photo-sharing app for the Android platform that helps you enhance your photos in a similar way to Instagram and share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Why say something with words when you can say it with photos? The developers of Piictu (which allows you to have conversations through photos) claim you can 'Just snap a picture, post it and watch it come to life with photo-replies from friends and strangers.'


For the fashion conscious there is WIWT (What I wore Today).  A fashion social network that allows you to share photos of your outfits and discover new styles inspired by Poppy Dinsey's fashion blog.

Trendabl works in a similar way to WIWT, but enables tagging of clothing based on colour, store or designer.


Grid Lens is a camera app that allows you to compose multiple shots on a stylish grid layout which is fully customisable.

Grid Lens

For those of you who are still planning on completely abandoning Instagram, don't forget to download a backup of your photos or why not get them printed!


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