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Tesco Clubcard Show How Not To Do A Data Entry Form

18 May 2011COMMENTS

I was trying to change my Tesco clubcard contact details over the weekend and came across quite possibly one of the worst examples of a data entry form. I managed to do the upcoming process on my Nectar card in no time at all, so what happened when I came across Tesco Clubcard.

How To Successfully NOT Log In

I'm now going to go through the process of logging into the Tesco Clubcard account for the first time. You first come to the login screen below.

Tesco Clubcard Login Screen

I know I have logged into Tesco a long time ago when browsing their online grocery store, so I enter my email address and password. This must be the case I think because I am now taken to the screen below asking me to confirm my clubcard details page.

I am asked to register my Tesco Clubcard details for the first time

The Nightmare Begins - The First Attempt

So let's take a look at this form. I am required to enter my Clubcard number, first name, surname and postcode to get to confirm my details.

Firstly the Clubcard number is split into 2 sections as you can see below.

An example Tesco Clubcard - note the Clubcard number is in 2 sections

If you own a Nectar card, you will know that the Nectar card number is also split into 2 sections. When you are asked to fill it out online you only need to enter the 11 digits (the second section of numbers). This is also clearly shown on the login form and the text accompanying it.

The login form for Nectar card

There is clearly no mistaking which numbers you need to enter here is there? Enter my first name, surname and postcode, well I know all of those details so I will enter those in no problem. So what happens next?

My first attempt at logging in

Ok so I have entered something that is incorrect. All I am told at the top of the page is 'the details you have entered do not exactly match those on our system'. I have no idea which field is incorrect because none of them are highlighted - no line around the field box, change of colour within the field box or arrow next to the field box. Not even a mention at the top of the page.

I guess then I will have to look through the form myself and work out what data is wrong. It all looks fine to me, so let's try a few things then. I mean, how specifially correct does the data need to be to match the data on their systems?

Second attempt

Maybe I just need to get rid of the space in the postcode?

That hasn't worked...hmmmm

Third Attempt

Let's not enter my middle initial, afterall this is the one field that is not required.

Another failed attempt

Fourth Attempt

Ahh I've just spotted something, I need to enter my house no/name, or do I? I mean the option above says choose an address, and this I have done. This address already has a house number in it so do I really need to enter it again? Also the field 'or house no/number' does have the word 'or' at the beginning, so do I have to enter both or just one of these fields?

I'm getting desperate now, I'll try entering both.

That didn't work either

Fifth Attempt

Maybe they have my details as my full first name, so I enter Christopher instead of Chris.

I'm starting to run out of ideas now.

Sixth Attempt

I look at my Tesco Clubcard again and see my name is written down as Mr C Roberts, maybe I'll try entering C as my first name this time.

Oh an incorrect field has been indicated

Finally, they have indicated a field that is incorrect, better late than never I suppose. So at least I am now aware that I can't enter C as my first name. One final attempt anyone?

Seventh Attempt

Let's go back to one of my first thoughts, which numbers do I enter from my Clubcard. I have been entering all my numbers, so let's try entering the last set of numbers like I do when I enter my Nectar card numbers in.

I think I am going to give up

So this idea hasn't worked, and the first name field is still highlighted red even though I have changed my name back to Chris like before.

It's all just a mess really, I can be quite stubborn using these forms trying to fill it out on my own, but I'm getting desperate now. I see there is a telphone number helpline in the bottom right hand corner, but that is my last option. I find it ludicrous I need to phone up someone how to fill a form in and a further waste of my time.

Where are the help pages?

There is no help relating to the form, but there is a general help button in the top right hand corner. Let's click on it.

Tesco Clubcard Help Section

After opening and collapsing a few heading sections I find what I'm after. Also note there is no search box, so I cannot manually search for what I am after, I have to just dig through their ugly looking page.

Ahh the second section has a link to video guide to filling out the form. Now I'm getting somewhere.

Registering For A Tesco Clubcard; Video Help Page

I look at this page and think it looks like this form is so easy, what am I doing wrong? Let's watch the video.

Well I don't get any further information at all really, I am just told to check my details, make sure they match my statement and that for security reasons they need to exactly match what is on their database. If they don't match? Well I need to phone up to verify them.

I am sure some people or Tesco themselves will say these security measures are needed for this product, all I can say is I set my Nectar card up in no time at all, and 30 minutes later I have given up using Tesco Clubcard's form.

I do hope Tesco take note and make some serious amends to this process and therfore make it a better experience for everyone. I do sometimes think that if I work in the digital industry and I struggle on this, my mum, dad, grandparents etc who have a Tesco Clubcard haven't got a hope.

Finally, just to add take a look at this post from Smashing Magazine on innovative techniques to simplify sign ups and log ins and Little Big Ideas look at the little UI tweaks that make a big difference.


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Deeply Frustrated! posted 21st June 2011
Darn. I came across your post and hoped you'd found a way to log in. I'm having the same issues, made more difficult(!) because my account is in joint names!
Mark posted 11th July 2011
Same problem of the CS reps told me that it wont take a cc number if it is linked to a credit card - mine is - so I am registering a new one then will get CS to link my existing card.
Charlene posted 2nd August 2011
Same weird things, I'm exactly sure about my first name, surname, clubcard number and post code are correct, but it doesn't work. I'm running out of that
annoyed by Tescos posted 6th August 2011
Shop at Sainsburys', simples!
Let's Go DSLR posted 9th September 2011
Let's Go DSLR
Did anyone find a solution short of ringing them up?
paul posted 13th October 2011
I had the same problem.
I was able to log in by entering the house number in the "house no/name" box as well as selecting the address from the drop down.
Marc posted 31st October 2011
Been having the same problems. Don't know if this is relevant, but try going to then click on "my account" at the top. On the next page you can click on your clubcard details. next page click the "click here". This seems to go to the clubcard section. Worked for me anyway
Chris posted 12th November 2011
I have just been on the phone to them. The problem was to do with the first line of my address - apparently the dropdown option I was given when registering was populated by 'the old system', but when I tried to reconfirm my details, that dropdown is populated by 'the new system'.

On the old system my address follows the format 'Flat Number', whereas on the new system if follows the format 'Flat Number, House Name, Road Number Road Name'. So it couldn't exactly match the details I originally entered.

Sensational work, Tesco.
Rebecca posted 14th November 2011
I have had exactly the same issue. I was trying to do this for my Mum as she hadn't been receiving vouchers. Called the helpline and was put on hold for 10 minutes, after which I was then cut off.

Tried doing this today for myself so I could change my surname to my married name, and it doesn't work for me either. All the details are correct and the same as the statement they sent me in the post-so what's the problem?!

Turns out I have to call them anyway to change my details anyway, and my Mum still hasn't got to the bottom of her missing vouchers!
Tom Dyer posted 3rd February 2012
Same problem, called them and left a message. Then emailed them. They said the issue had been sorted.... went online now to get sorted and you guessed it back to square one.

Why is this such an issue and why has this bug not been sorted?

Irritated now!!!!!
Steve Saunders posted 15th February 2012
Yep, their website is shocking. I asked them to add my clubcard number (from my clubcard credit card) to my clubcard account. Simple enough you'd think. Apparently not. 1st they said they'd done it, which they hadn't. Then they merged my account with my mum's, adding my card to her account and overwritting all her personal details in the process. Then they removed her card from her account instead of mine ... and I still don't have my clubcard attached to my account. That's 10 emails, 5 weeks, and 3 weeks since they incorrectly merged our accounts.
Nicholas posted 21st February 2012
I also googled this and came across this in the hopes of finding a solution.
What eventually worked for me, was even though my address was selected, I also had to type 2/2 into the house number box. (2 2 didn't work, 2-2 didn't work, 2 didn't work)
I got lucky and cracked the code, but it's f**king ridiculous that I had to try about 30 times.
John posted 2nd March 2012
I've just registered a new clubcard account and it won't let me do it. I've entered the details for the first time, dammit! The whole signup process is confusing - took about 10 minutes to figure out how to even edit my details on
Mike Flint posted 22nd March 2012
Mike Flint
After 2 months of trying I'm finally in!!!!! It's both parts of the number on the card with no spaces. And hope the address matches. And that you get the name exactly right.

Way to design a web form Tesco ... it's best not to give any prompts and throw out blanket error messages. Muppets.
Diana posted 25th May 2012
Yes I totally agree. Spent 3 days trying to access my club card account sent an email and was given a number to phone. 3 telephone numbers further on finally got tech support and the lady had to re-boot the system. I also checked the code as I have worked in programming for 10years but couldn't workit out. Today go to pay my credit card bill - a new site appears and there is no history of online payments. Maybe this is a bogus site,who knows no lock mark showing and have not found a way to contact them!!
Geralyn posted 17th September 2012
Tescos is the worst website I have ever come across. They are hopeless!
Gary Hoskins posted 20th September 2012
Once you register with Clubcard, you cannot change your clubcard account password.

They store in in plain text and they can see it on their servers, and so it is a security issue.

They are stupid enough to send the password to you by email if you have forgotten it.

A secure password should only be possible to recover by first asking you to answer a security question after which they should send you a link to set up a new secret password.
nevo posted 21st September 2012
Sep - 2012 and the input page for Tesco Clubcard Activation is still abysmal.

Finally managed to sort it by phoning Tesco ( 0845 722 5533 )

Took about 3 minutes and they confirmed that they did not have the christian name entered in their database record. Hence the mis-match!!!

Thanks very much for starting this thread and hope this helps.
Julie posted 24th September 2012
I struggled for ages with this problem this morning. I finally gained access after attempting my first name AND middle name in the 'First Name' section. Bizarre, but it worked. Once in, I then changed my details so it no longer involves my middle name.

I don't ever recall setting it up that way - maybe this was a typing error on their part when I originally joined.

Hope this helps!
Gabriel posted 22nd December 2012
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Lucie posted 23rd December 2012
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Anastasia posted 7th January 2013
I really love your website.. Pleasant colors & theme.
Did you build this web site yourself? Please reply back as I'm planning to create my own personal site and want to know where you got this from or what the theme is named. Kudos!
Tom posted 23rd February 2013
Hi. Hope this is helpful.

I've also had loads of issues with registering my Clubcard - been trying for months but got lucky today and spoke to someone at Clubcard CS who cracked the registration issue!

On the registration page, register but DO NOT put in your Clubcard number. Leave the box blank and tick the box in bottom left corner saying something like "don't have clubcard number". Complete rest of registration and then you will be asked for clubcard details later on. Enter them here and it seems to work. I have a credit card clubcard and this worked for me.

Martin posted 9th May 2013
Hey Ho! "Don't have a clubcard" worked for me too, or was it because I included the middle initial which I noticed appears on my tesco credit card bill!!! Thankyou for getting me through after several goes over a number of hours.

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