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Zynga Set To Launch CityVille On Facebook

19 November 2010COMMENTS

If your Facebook feed is awash with leader board scores, bizarre farming equipment requests and brags about 'hits' on various Mafia henchmen, chances are your friends are among the millions addicted to one of Zynga's online games. As testified by All Facebook's amazing infographic, half the Facebook population are regular gamers - 56 million users (more than the population of the UK) log in daily to play games.

Zynga, who are responsible for much of Facebook's gaming output are launching a new app called CityVille off the back of their hugely successful FrontierVille game (currently being played by 28 million monthly users worldwide).

CityVille promises to be Zynga's most social game to date - allowing users to build their own 'thriving metropolis' from scratch, and to interact with their friends helping build their cities and communities. CityVille also features Zynga’s first 3D-rendered buildings and characters, and will be Zynga's first international offering - available in 5 languages, English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

The game will be available in beta within the next few weeks. Will you be a CityVille devotee? Keep looking out for developments and let us know what you think!


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